May you surprise yourself

This quote by Neil Gaiman has been making the social media rounds lately, and I love it a little bit more every time I see it.


First, it starts with Magic, one of my favorites. A word which conjures an image of it silently following me around like a friendly, surreptitious shadow. I kind of want to randomly wave hello at the wind and walls in case magic is hiding nearby contemplating when might be a good time to appear.

Even better, the quote ends with surprise. It’s empowering that I can surprise myself. I’m not waiting. Any moment I get to choose when to push myself out of my comfort zone, dance on my edge, leap into the unknown believing that I will glide to a soft, perfect landing. (If you haven’t noticed, I often play mix and match with metaphors. Go with it.)

While impressively articulate, Mr Gaiman hasn’t exactly cornered the market in new year wishes.┬áNow it’s my turn.

May 2015 be filled with…

  • Silly words, belly laughs, and delightful happenstance.
  • Generous deeds done by us, and on our behalf.
  • Balance — work and play, lightness and sincerity, long walks and afternoon naps in the sun.

May 2015 find you, me, us…

  • Holding onto the good things, so when not-so-good things happen we are comforted, and know that more good is around the corner.
  • Surrounded by people who unabashedly love us, and who we love back.
  • Seizing perfectly-timed opportunities with gusto.
  • With more answers than questions, and at ease with both.

As I type, I can feel other wishes bubbling to the surface, eager to be included, but I think it’s time give others a chance.

What is your wish for 2015?