I had the moment. The Moment.
When life was as I expected, until it wasn’t.

That was the day that I came face-to-face with the white blob, an acoustic neuroma brain tumor. As it stared back at me on the MRI film in its golf-ball-sized blobbiness, it was all I could do to stare back.

This memoir is about the choices you make when you feel like you don’t have any.

Once I met the blob, a series of scary moments and missteps followed – surgeries, divorce, and a less-than-triumphant move home to live with my dad. It ultimately led to one of the best choices of my life, launching the #HugTour movement to plot routes to office buildings and coffee shops hugging people I care about along the way.

I learned that running hugs in traffic are exhilarating, and that unabashedly sharing love is more worthwhile than I could ever have imagined.

Are you scared & doing it anyway?

Let this book be a companion on your own journey, a comfort during the moments when you wonder if you’re doing the right thing, and a celebration for when just what you need arrives right on time.

Please share this with the people you care about most.

Buy a copy for yourself, give a second to a loved one, and save a third for when you meet someone who needs to hear this message.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


“A riveting account of massive change…Lauree lets you into the inner workings of her mind and heart to travel the path from fear to love. I was spellbound reading this book.”

—Aliza Sherman, web pioneer and author of Mom, Incorporated and PowerTools for Women in Business

“With heart-tugging prose Lauree Ostrofsky offers a most engrossing tale of illness, recovery and self-renewal. Read this book. It will change your life.”

—Christine Louise Hohlbaum, author of The Power of Slow

“This book is a love poem to life. Lauree Ostrofsky has written a fast paced, exquisitely readable memoir… It’s a pleasure to read.”

Joselin Linder, co-author of The Good Girl’s Guide to Living in Sin

“Love and allow yourself to be loved—what a simple, honest, vulnerable message offered—and one that everyone needs reminding about.”

—Virginia Kellogg, MCC, Leadership That Works, Inc.

“[This book] made me laugh out loud and shed quiet tears.”

—Patrice Tanaka, author of Becoming Ginger Rogers

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