Lauree Ostrofsky is a writer, speaker, hugger and coach.

Her first book, I’m scared & doing it anyway, is about being diagnosed with a brain tumor and the unexpected turns her life took as a result…ending a relationship, changing cities and careers, and generously giving love through her #HugTour movement where she plots routes to office buildings and coffee shops hugging loved ones along the way.

Lauree Ostrofsky headshotAs Chief Hugger and Coach at Simply Leap, LLC, Lauree helps successful professionals who are ready for a new challenge at work — when they know it’s time for a career change or to launch their own business and don’t know where to begin.

For 15 years, she has also consulted on marketing, communications and social media strategy, and served as a speaker for such established brands as IBM, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, and the Girl Scouts of the USA.

Follow Lauree the Writer on Twitter, and Facebook. Find Lauree the Coach here: @SimplyLeap.



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Lauree is a special person – courage, insight, compassion and wisdom. Without a personal agenda,
    Lauree simply wants to help people feel good about themselves and become the person they are meant to be.


    1. “Become the person they are meant to be” – that is my wish for myself too, John. What inspires me to keep writing and sharing, hoping that it will help all of us get a little closer each day.


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